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Garage Door Photo Eye

Garage door photo eyes are electronic devices that are used to sense when an object has been placed in the path of a garage door. They have the ability to detect anything from a finger, to a foot, hand or even head.

Benefits of having the device include:
-Preventing injury or death if someone gets caught on the doors as they close
-Protecting vehicles parked in garage from physical damage (vehicle is taken out by closed doors)
-Peace of mind knowing vehicle and items stored inside garage are safe.
-Preventing accidents from happening when opening the garage door suddenly
-Instant notifications if someone has been or will be placed in the path of a closing garage door.

How Does it Work?
It works by placing an infrared beam around the aperture of the door. When anyone walks into the beams range, it sends trigger signals to a central control station. If someone walks into the beam before it is closed, these signals are sent to an alarm that is connected to an alarm panel or security system. This alarm can alert you and hopefully prevent something bad from happening. The problem with this is that once you set up these devices on your garage doors, they are difficult to remove after they have been installed on your doors.

Are there any Drawbacks?
While these devices are a great idea, there are some drawbacks when it comes to using them. One of the biggest ones is that it may take about 30 seconds for the device to detect a person before you can shut the door and run away. Also, if someone has been caught on your garage doors whilst it's still partially open and you're trapped inside, there is nothing you can do but pray that someone hears your cries for help and comes to your rescue.

What Can I Do to Prevent Accidents?

The simplest way to prevent accidents from happening with increasing your own safety level around garage doors. The first thing you can do is make sure that you are alert and aware of any possible dangers around your garage door at all times. There are many avoidable accidents that occur with garage doors every year, so being more alert will reduce the chances of an accident happening to you.

What Is My Central Control Station and How Do I Make One?
If you want to detect a person standing in front of a garage door before it closes, then you must have some type of central control station. This is a device that detects when someone has entered the range of the photo eye or beam. Once this has happened, the device sends an alert to an ALARM PANEL or SECURITY SYSTEM. The alarm panel will send a notification to your cellphone or PDA to give you information about the incident. 

Garage Door Opener Repair

A garage door opener is an electric motor device that is mounted outside your garage. The garage door opener has a control panel that can be used to open and close your garage door from the comfort of your car. Over time and with use, the garage door opener may begin to malfunction, which can cause damage to the motor or other components of your system if left unchecked. Garage Door Opener Repair services should be sought as soon as problems are detected in order to avoid damage to yourself or your property. A professional technician will be able to inspect, diagnose and repair or replace any necessary components so that you can once again safely open and close your garage without any problems.

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