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The Panel Replacement Process

We begin by assessing the damage level on your garage door panels. In some cases, if the dent is minor and has not affected any structural components of the panel - good news. We can repair rather than replace it entirely using specialized tools and techniques developed from our years in business. Learn more about our unique repair methods here.However, if there are large cracks visible through multiple layers of paintwork with signs of rust around them- then replacement becomes necessary for maintaining both aesthetics as well functionality.

Installation Of The New Panel

The actual process of installing new panels is something we handle with precision and care at Marcus Garage Door Repair in Torrance. It involves careful removal of the old, damaged panel followed by precise alignment and secure attachment of the new one. Once the new panel is in place, we adjust it for optimal performance so that all components work together seamlessly.We take pride in our workmanship - your satisfaction is our primary goal. Reach out to us if you need help with garage door panel replacement or any other garage door related issues.

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